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My partner and I turned an internal project into more of an art project and created a six-foot tall portrait of David Ogilvy solely out of pushpins. The Ogilvy and Mather Chicago office has long used pushpins and foam core boards to display new work, so I felt the medium was appropriate.

We only used 5 colors (red, yellow, blue, black and white) and pushed-in about 33,000 pins. It was, in a sense, a collective portrait of the agency, so the entire agency lent a hand. We were even fortunate enough to get the help of a music house to compose an original score using sound bites from David Ogilvy.

Our work was featured on Creativity, The Chicago Egotist, Stash Magazine, Agency Spy, and Ads of the World - among many creative and industry blogs.


Two brands. One very similar spot. It's a long story.

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This iAd for iPad launched a free app by Glasses.com. The app allows people to virtually try-on frames of their choosing like never before. This iAd provided a demonstration to show exactly how unique and sophisticated the technology actually is.

The iAd performed exceptionally well and drove tons of downloads. The design of this iAd is now being used in case studies of "best-in-class" tablet executions.

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AAA sent 3 photographer across 11 states (AAA territory) to meet their members, take their photo, and document how what their passions are, what motives them, and what they hold dear.

The result was a comprehensive internal photography exhibit that celebrates the accomplishments of AAA members as well as encourage employees to always "do what's right" by those they serve.

The gallery also extended to an online gallery to reach other AAA employees all over the US.
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There's nothing I love more than going outside and with my kids to observe and document nature. Since becoming a father my kids have reignited my youth and opened my eyes to the world. We collect what we can and then we photograph it, taking note of all the artful designs created by Mother Nature. We call this collection, our "Creative Artifacts."
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Motorola launched their limited edition DroidR2D2 phone.
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Here are some sketches, doodles, designs, plans, blueprints, collages, and other creative fragments I've conjured up. My stream of creation.

See more of my art by clicking below.

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Print ads direct one to the Youtube page where you can watch as an artist creates portraits of "Honestly Sweet" historical figures using Truvia sweetener as a medium.
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The Chicago Blackboard is Ogilvy Chicago's internal website. We wanted to launch the site by creating fun posters using portraits of the employees while referencing the many capabilities offered on the intranet "Blackboard."
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These posters were shown as part of a presentation on creative thinking strategies given at a university to students of advertising.

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I illustrated this GIF as a fun teaser for AAA's new Superbowl spot. AAA wanted to get it's internal audience excited about the launch of their new campaign. The animation was displayed prominently on AAA's internal website.
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Official show posters.
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Research shows that Ovaltine contains iron, making it a great recovery drink after a workout. This modern redesign of packaging allows one to drink Ovaltine on-the-go simply by adding their individual Ovaltine packet to a bottle of milk, commonly sold at gyms.
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I did the album art for Dean Fields' most recent EP, Under a Searchlight Moon. In this project I directed the photoshoot for Dean as well as created all the packaging. We had a good time. I was worried his wife would be offended to wear a horse head the whole time, but she was a good sport.

You can listen here.
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This was a fun project, as I got to illustrate all of the hand lettering. It's a virtual karaoke machine which allows users to pick their favorite love song and sing along with the lyrics as they record themselves with audio and/or video. When they’re done, they can send it on to friends and loved ones.

The banner begins as you 'follow the bouncing heart' to a popular song.

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Installation for Quirk Gallery, Richmond, VA.

This is a collaborative piece I worked on with designer, Daniel Case. We sought to create a compelling installation that deconstructs the formal elements of the grid and the pixel. The installation consists of 30 clear acrylic panels that make up 15 inverted cubes. Each inverted cube is stacked in a geometric fashion to create one large scale installation.


Here is a presentation I gave on the importance of keeping a sketchbook.
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I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work on Daniel Clarke's first solo album. Daniel is an old friend who has found great success playing with musicians such as K.D. Lang, Jason Mraz, Mandy Moore, Ryan Adams, Court Yard Hounds, Modern Groove Syndicate, Dean Fields, and Craig Gore.

The imagery came from some vintage glass slides which were scanned and altered. I added some hand drawn elements as well.

You can listen to his music HERE.
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It is my hope that these images interrupt one's mind. Many times it is the monotony of daily living/work that blinds us of our actual choices. And the beautiful thing about this design, is it creates that very experience.

The images in this design are from photos I took of fake habitats surrounding exhibits at the Chicago aquarium. The fake habitats reminded me of shopping malls with fake tree and fountains, faux wood and marble: simulation in living.

Most people viewing the image would not even know that these are faux moss, faux grass, faux rocks, faux trees and twigs, . Yet there is a subtle sensibility present. It's that sense of deception, which points to one's yearning for truth, and our deeply suppressed instincts to recognize this.

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